BCBC's pastor search

Brushy Creek's pastor of 25 years, Ralph Carter, retired in February of 2017.  To call it bittersweet is an understatement.  We are so thankful for the quarter of a century he and his wife Regina gave us.   We're delighted to see where retirement takes them as they start a new chapter... and BCBC starts a new chapter as well.

Committee Update

A Pastor Search Committee is in place.  As of this summer, they are reviewing information gathered from member focus groups, while combing through all resumes and recommendations they've received.  Questions, information and resumes can be sent here.

Pray with us

We know God already knows who will be our next pastor and is preparing that man.  Our job right now is to pray for that person, and ask for guidance as our search unfolds.  Please pray at home, or join us for collective prayer on Tuesday mornings in The Lobby. 

Interim pastor

Brushy Creek is blessed to have Dr. Allen McWhite serve as interim pastor as we search for our next lead Pastor.  Allen's warmth, flexibility, humor and Godly-guidance have been cherished and invaluable during this time of transition.  Together with our veteran staff, BCBC continues to Rescue, Grow & Serve in record-numbers, as we wait for the man God is sending our way.