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Our Staff

It's difficult to find a more welcoming church staff in Greenville.

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Our Story

Standing upon the quiet banks of Brushy Creek in 1794, our 19 founders most likely prayed for God’s guidance and blessing.  Oh, how He has delivered across the centuries, carrying us down a swift-moving current lined with countless opportunities to

Rescue the lost, Grow as believers and Serve those in need.

From the simplest of beginnings, Brushy Creek’s members have shown a fierce commitment to grow God’s Kingdom.  We established so many churches in the early days, just after the Revolutionary War, we were nicknamed the Mother Church of Greenville.  Dozens of Upstate churches trace their roots back to Brushy Creek.

Today, our mission and service projects span the globe, from

Simpsonville to Serbia, Moonville to Myanmar. 

Click here to watch a video encompassing our history from George Washington to today.