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SUnday Activities

On Sundays, Middle and High School students meet in Life Groups at 9:15am. This time includes fellowship, music, ice-breakers, and then small group study divided by grades.  

Got Questions about our Student Ministry? Email BrushyCreekStudents@gmail.com

Click here for a list of 2019 Summer activities!

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The Greenhouse

Our team of pastors and volunteers walk Middle & High students through topical studies that will carry them through their hallways and life.  The Greenhouse runs on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm during the school year. 


What you wear, what you drive, where you work, where you go to school, who you date... NONE of that defines you.  Find freedom from judgement through Jesus.  For Middle and High School girls during Session I of The Greenhouse. Free and open to all.


Life's not all about wins and losses. Tim Tebow shoots straight about the real score and finding who you are with God. For Middle and High School boys at Session I of The Greenhouse on Wednesday nights. Free and open to all.

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student Missions

Every year, BCBC hosts an international mission trip for our graduating seniors. Our 2019 grads traveled to Serbia to work with partners in the field. Photos and videos can be found on the BCBC Facebook page and on instagram @bcbc_students.


Several times a year we hit the road to focus on strengthening our friendships and our walk with God. Favorite retreats include meeting up with other youth groups at ChilliPepper each January, in Gatlinburg, TN, SeeSalt in summer, and hanging out at Look UP Lodge. 

the landing

The Landing is a Christian-based program helping students caught up in hurts, habits and hang-ups. We meet on Mondays at 6:30pm. 

If you know a youth who needs help, contact Pastor Jim Russell at 864.244.5075.   All calls are confidential.  Here's a Landing video.


Your phone is more than a tool to snap your friends.   Tap into 10,000+ videos and studies on RightNow Media.  Got questions about life and what to do?  RNM provides answers and great advice for students in middle and high school on a wide-variety of topics.   Need a login?  Hit up Members Services on Sunday mornings, or email Benji Ladd and he'll get you set up.   This is a free service, provided to all by BCBC. 

permission/waiver form

Please the link the fill out a permission/wavier form for your student at the link below. You  only need to fill out the form on time for the 2018-2019 school year.

Click here to access form.