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Brushy Creek has gone paperless with our Membership Directory.

Click here to go to our Directory Website.

If it's your first visit, click on NEED A LOGIN and set up your password.

Once you've established your Access ACS account, you can update information on all of your family members, upload a favorite individual or family photo, as well as access the link to the Brushy Creek directory under the Directory tab.  As with our hard-copy directory, you decide what information you want to share with other church members.  Those using mobile devices can download the Church Life app and use that to create an account, and access the Brushy Creek directory.

All old directory information has transferred into this system. We ask that everyone please make sure the information on hand for you and your family is up-to-date. And, creating an account with Access ACS now will save you time later, as this will be the system we plan on using for registration for future Brushy Creek events.

Many thanks... and hit that link now.