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Our Deaf Ministry creates a visible presence at all BCBC events.

Sunday services

Interpreters use ASL during our 9:15am service on Sunday mornings. Look for them to the left of the stage as you face it. Should you need ear phones with enhanced audio, visit the sound booth in back of the Sanctuary to pick up a headset.

life groups

BCBC hosts a Life Groups for every age and stage of life on Sunday mornings. The Deaf Ministry Life Group meets at 10:45am in the Front Room of the ARC. If you'd like to explore other groups, contact Adult Education Minister Angela Carter.

ASL Classes

Our Beginning ASL class are at 4:00 p.m. on Sundays in room E314. ASL Internationals meest in E311. Contact: Leslie Coker.

Mission Trips

Our Deaf Ministry members and friends took their first-ever Missions Trip for BCBC last year to New England.  It was fantastic and renewed hearts and minds for the great possibilities of how we can all build God's Kingdom.