For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among them.

Matthew 18:20

Weekly Life Group Bible Study

Our ministers are teaching a weekly lesson on-line. They will follow the Bible Studies for Life Lessons that many of our adult Life Group’s are following. You’ll find these below after 8am on Sunday mornings. (Some weekends, they’ll be up even earlier.) These are perfect for those who are not in a Life Group, or alternative content for current Life Groups.


Life happens

Because life takes place 24/7, we call our Sunday School classes Life Groups.  Here you'll find friends to support you all hours of the day and night. 

We have co-ed, men's and women's Life Groups.  We also have groups targeting specific stages and lifestyles, like our Newlywed/Nearly-Wed group, our class for Hispanic-speaking members and our student groups.

To find a group that's right for you, stop by a Visitor Kiosk or Member Services Desk on Sundays, or email Adult Education Minister Angela Carter.


Two different classes of singles meet on Sunday mornings.  Those 20-32 and those 33 and up,  Both groups head out to eat and socialize quite a bit each month.  Also look for Level Ground networking events, when we gather with singles from other churches.  Email them iif you have questions about what they're up to this month.   

college students

Doesn't matter if you're home visiting, or attending a local school.  Join in the fellowship.   Email them to see what activities and studies are planned for this month. 

deaf ministry

Our Deaf Ministry class meets at 9:15am in the Front Room of the ARC.  Lessons are taught utilizing ASL. Volunteer leader DeMorris Smith can answer most questions you may have about our active Deaf Ministry.  

Newlywed/nearlywed Life Group

More than 100 couples have built a healthy foundation to their marriage through this innovative and socially active Life Group.  Just engaged?  Recently married?  Increase your odds of staying married, by gaining tools through this group that meets on Sunday mornings with Brian & Ann Hartsell. 


Fuente de Vida

Si el espanol es su idioma preferido, unase a nostotros los domingos por la manana a las 9:15am en The Vault.  Pongase en contacto con Carlos Ruiz si tiene preguntas.