mission projects 2019

Join Brushy Creek as we Rescue. Grow. Serve.

  • Local Project: Creekside Kids

    The easiest "unreached" people group to work with is right here on campus.  Serve with Creekside Kids 1-2 Sundays a month.  We'll have a partner, supplies and activities all set up for you.  Contact: Sheree Bagley

  • COMPLETED january 2020

    A small team returned to a country we've worked in before, to assist partners in the field. 

  • completed FebRUARY 2020

    Our team spent a fabulous week building a church and community building in Cadenette.

  • TBD

    The Class of 2020 will be heading to London to work with a Brushy Creek partner, making in-roads to build a church and spread the Gospel.  Benji Ladd will lead this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

  • post-poned

    We're returning to work with Spread Truth Ministries to hit the streets in the name of Jesus.  Gary Wheeler will lead this trip, as he marks his 20th MIssion Trip to the Big Apple.

  • Postponed

    This trip has been postponed.

  • Adopt a Child

    Only $40 a month will send a struggling Haitian child to school in our adopted village of Cadenette. We've already sponsored 2/3s of the children in the village. Imagine being one of the 14 left behind each school day.  Click here to meet these sweet children and consider sponsoring them.

  • Contact Jim Russell on all trips unless noted differently.